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Specifications / Dimensions Common Specifications
Illumination type Narrow Models Wide Models
Model Name
△△△ “ △△△” is the light-emitting surface length between 150 and 1,200 mm in 150-mm increments.
LED color Red White Infrared Red White Infrared
Input voltage (max.) 24VDC
Peak wavelength (typ.) 640 nm 860 nm 640 nm 860 nm
Correlated color temperature (typ.) 5,600 K 5,600 K
Cable length 0.3m
Connector Light-emitting surface length of 150 to 450 mm: SM Connector (SMR-03V-B), Light-emitting surface length of 600 to 1,200 mm: EL Connector (ELP-02V)
Polarity and signals SM Connector (1: Anode (+), 2: NC, 3: Cathode (−)), EL Connector (1: Anode (+), 2: Cathode (−))
Cooling method
Natural air cooling
Operating temperature and humidity Temperature: 0 to 40°C, Humidity: 20% to 85%RH (With no condensation)
Storage temperature and humidity Temperature: −20 to 60°C, Humidity: 20% to 85%RH (with no condensation)
Case material Aluminum base with black alumite surface
Spectral distribution
Dimension Diagrams (Unit: mm)

*These Flood Lights cannot be used with Strobe Light Control Units (PTU2-3024, BB-V24S30-M, and BB-V24S30-S). PD3-series Control Units can be used for Strobe Mode and ON/OFF Mode, and Constant Lighting Control Units (PD2 Series, BB-V24P30-M, BB-V24P30-S, etc.) can be used for ON/OFF light control.
*The peak emitted light wavelength of the Red Lights is 640 nm. For a Sharp-cut Filter, use the optional R60 Sharp-cut Filter.

Model-specific Dimensions
Model Name for Narrow Model Dimension A
(Emitting Surface)
Dimension B Dimension C Weight
HLDL2-150x45RD-DF-N / SW-DF-N / IR-DF-N 150mm 162mm 165.6mm 390g
HLDL2-300x45RD-DF-N / SW-DF-N / IR-DF-N 300mm 312mm 315.6mm 770g
HLDL2-450x45RD-DF-N / SW-DF-N / IR-DF-N 450mm 462mm 465.6mm 1,160g
HLDL2-600x45RD-DF-N / SW-DF-N / IR-DF-N 600mm 612mm 615.6mm 1,540g
HLDL2-750x45RD-DF-N / SW-DF-N / IR-DF-N 750mm 762mm 765.6mm 1,930g
HLDL2-900x45RD-DF-N / SW-DF-N / IR-DF-N 900mm 912mm 915.6mm 2,310g
HLDL2-1050x45RD-DF-N / SW-DF-N / IR-DF-N 1050mm 1062mm 1065.6mm 2,700g
HLDL2-1200x45RD-DF-N / SW-DF-N / IR-DF-N 1200mm 1212mm 1215.6mm 3,080g
Model Name for Narrow Model Dimension A
(Emitting Surface)
Dimension B Dimension C Weight
HLDL2-150x45RD-DF-W / SW-DF-W / IR-DF-W 150mm 162mm 165.6mm 300g
HLDL2-300x45RD-DF-W / SW-DF-W / IR-DF-W 300mm 312mm 315.6mm 590g
HLDL2-450x45RD-DF-W / SW-DF-W / IR-DF-W 450mm 462mm 465.6mm 880g
HLDL2-600x45RD-DF-W / SW-DF-W / IR-DF-W 600mm 612mm 615.6mm 1,170g
HLDL2-750x45RD-DF-W / SW-DF-W / IR-DF-W 750mm 762mm 765.6mm 1,460g
HLDL2-900x45RD-DF-W / SW-DF-W / IR-DF-W 900mm 912mm 915.6mm 1,750g
HLDL2-1050x45RD-DF-W / SW-DF-W / IR-DF-W 1050mm 1062mm 1065.6mm 2,040g
HLDL2-1200x45RD-DF-W / SW-DF-W / IR-DF-W 1200mm 1212mm 1215.6mm 2,330g
Cable Lengths for EL Connectors on Models with Light-emitting Surface of 600 to 1,200 mm

*To extend the cable for Lights with light-emitting lengths of 150 to 450 mm, use a 24-V Extension Cable with an SM Connector. Refer to the CCS website or the Expansion Cable General Catalog for information on Extension Cables.

Model-specific Dimensions
Direct Number Model Cable Length (n)
3000690 FCB-1-EL2 1m
3000691 FCB-2-EL2 2m
3000692 FCB-3-EL2 3m
3000693 FCB-5-EL2 5m
3000760 FCB-10-EL2 10m
3000766 FCB-15-EL2 15m
Dimension Diagram (Unit: mm)