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Model HLDR-IP67-100RD HLDR-IP67-100SW HLDR-IP67-100UV2-365
LED color Red White UV
Input voltage (max.) DC24V
Power consumption (max.) 18W
Peak wavelength /
Correlated color
temperature (typ.)
627nm 6,500K 365nm
Connector M12 (plug)
Polarity 1: (24 V+), 2: Not connected, 3: GND (-), 4: Not connected
Cooling method Natural cooling
Operating environment Temperature: 0 to 40℃, Humidity: 20 to 95% RH
(with no condensation)
Storage environment Temperature: -20 to 60℃, Humidity: 20 to 85% RH
(with no condensation)
CE Marking Safety standard: EN62471 compliant
Environmental regulations RoHS compliance
Protective structure IP67 (JIS C 0920)
Case material Body: Aluminum alloy (black anodized)
Screws: SUS
Washers: SUS, Elastomer (TPE)
Connectors: PA resin
Lens: Silicone
Weight (max.) 420 g
Light spectrum Light spectrum

*This data is provided for reference.It should not be considered a guarantee of product quality.

Dedicated cable

Model FCB-1-M12 FCB-2-M12 FCB-3-M12 FCB-5-M12
Cable length 1m 2m 3m 5m
Weight (max.) 70g 125g 180g 305g
Connector Light Unit side: M12 (socket), Control Unit side: SMR-03V-B (JST)
Outer diameter Ø6 mm
Case material Light Unit side connector: Soft PBT
Cable: PVC
Control Unit side connector: Nylon

"IP67" indicates the level of protection against foreign material entering electrical instruments.

The 1st numeral "6" indicates the following level of protection:
・No dust inside the instrument. (dustproof)
The 2nd numeral "7" indicates the following level of protection:
・No damage when submerged in water at the rated pressure for the rated time. (watertight type)
・Can be submerged in water to a depth of 1 m (for instruments with a height of less than 850 mm)for 30 minutes.

Dimensions (mm)

LED Light Unit

Dedicated cable