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Introducing new products developed by combining the technologies of CCS.

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  • Line Sensor Light Units LNLP-2 Series
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One Million lx Without Cooling Fans Line Sensor Light Units LNLP Series

One million (1,000,000)lx Fan-less High-illuminance Line Lights

Line Sensor Light Units LNLP Series

* CCS accepts custom orders for the Light Units whose length is more than 1,000 mm.
Please contact your CCS sales representative for details.

1,000,000 lx or more in illuminance The LNLP Series is brighter than the fan-type unit, despite being fan-less.


Graph of the change in illuminance

Graph of the change in illuminance

* Actual measurement values at the center of the emitting surface, 100% intensity
(Results for individual products may vary.)

High-uniformity Less variation in illuminance enables high uniformity in imaging.

Uniformity graph (Distribution of relative radiance)

Long side
Short side

* These graphs are for reference only. Actual values may vary.

Error detection is supported!

New case design Close-up illumination from a low angle. Semi-coaxial illumination from a high angle.

Conceptual image of the illumination

The above illustrations are of typical installation examples.
Consider the application environment for actual applications.