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Machine Vision Applications Machine Vision Applications

Machine Vision Applications Options


Band-pass Filters

These filters transmit light in a specific wavelengths region to prevent the influence of ambient light.

Protective Filters

These filters protect the camera lens from scratches and dust.

Sharp-cut Filters

These filters pass light of only specific wavelengths, primarily in the red wavelength region, and are effective in preventing light interference.

Blue Filters

These filters pass light of around 440 nm, primarily in the blue wavelength region (350 to 520 nm).

UV Cutting Filters

These filters block light of 420 nm or less and allow only the components in the visible light region to pass.

UV Transmission Filters

These filters allow only the components in the ultraviolet region with a wavelength of around 340 nm to pass.

Polarizing Filters

These filters remove the reflected glare and light reflected from surfaces when used together with a Polarizing Plate mounted on the Light Unit.

Polarizing Plates

These Polarizing Plates eliminate glare and light reflected from surfaces when used together with a Polarizing Filter.

Diffusion Plates

These Diffusion Plates are mounted on the Light Unit and provide diffused irradiation. This prevents glaring and reflection.

Light Control Films

These Light Control Films suppress the light diffusion in a specific direction and improve parallelism.


These adapters are used when you mount a Diffusion Plate or Polarizing Plate onto a Light Unit.

Lens Attachment Rings

These Lens Attachment Rings are used with the LDR2-32 or LDR2-50 Light Unit so that you can install the Light Unit to the filter-attachment thread in front of the camera lens.

Light Mounting Jigs

These Light Mounting Jigs enable easy adjustment of the illumination angle from any position.

Convergent Lenses [for HLV2-22 Series]

These Convergent Lenses focus the light radiation when mounted to the HLV2-22-series Spot Light.

Mounting Holders [for HFR-25 Series]

These holders are used to mount the HFR-25-series Fiber Head to a macro lens.

Stand [for BB Series]

This independent stand can be attached to the BB-series Building-block Control Unit.

2x Rear Converter [for SE Series]

This converter doubles the image size on the monitor when mounted to the SE-16 or SE-18 Macro Lens.

Light Guide Apapters [for PFBR Series]

These Light Guide Adapters are used with the PFBR Series.

Options [for PFB2 Series]

This Power Supply Adapter is used with the PFB2-series Light Source.


These fixtures and brackets are used with the Light Units or Control Units.

Protective Plates

These Protective Plates are used with the Light Units.

Coaxial Units

These optional products are used with the LNSP-series Line Light. Mount this product on the LNSP Series to achieve coaxial lighting from the same optical axis as the camera lens.