Spotlight-Type UV-LED Light Irradiation Unit


Carefully selected operability/functionality/light irradiation variations
Cost-effectiveness has been maximized to its utmost limits

Controller that is easy to use and provides carefully selected functionality

a wavelength of 365nm and 11,000mW/cm2* power*When using a φ3mm spotlight lens

Makes use of a reliable UV-LED to achieve stable irradiating power

Low power consumption of 25W and long 20,000 hour lifespan

It is possible to drastically reduce running costs when compared to lamp-type solutions

4 head independent control

This single unit allows for 4 head independent ON/OFF control and timed lighting

Equipped with an I/O port and RS-232C communication

It is possible to perform light irradiation pattern control using external control

Light irradiation variations that meet a diverse range of needs

It is possible to select a head that is optimal for the installation environment

The chassis has been designed for superior heat dissipation, and the "Standard Head" exhibits stable performance

With a light-weight and compact design, the "Compact Head" can be installed in compact spaces

*When fastening the Compact Head, please use the included attachment fixture

It is possible to select the optimal light irradiation configuration that matches your adhesion conditions

With 6 different spotlight sizes, the "Spotlight Lens" provides you with optimal lighting

*Visual image of the range of irradiation

With 3 different line lighting sizes, the "Line-Type Lens" provides you with optimal lighting

*Visual image of the range of irradiation


Irradiance Profile (representative example)

*WD indicates the distance from the lens edge surface to the work sample

*Values measured using 100% dimming, with attachment fixture being used, under measurement conditions determined by our company (not guaranteed values).

Spotlight Lens

AC8303 (Ø3mm)

AC8304 (Ø4mm)

AC8306 (Ø6mm)

AC8308 (Ø8mm)

AC8310 (Ø10mm)

AC8312 (Ø12mm)

Line-Type Lens

AC8341 (3mm×16mm)

AC8342 (3.5mm×13mm)

AC8343 (5mm×16mm)