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Information on New Products and Popular Products

Introducing new products developed by combining the technologies of CCS.

CN Series
Light Control through an EtherNet/IP Network
PF series
High Power Strobe LED Light Units/Control Unit
Peak illuminance: 7 Million lx
LNIS2 series
Renewed version of the LNIS Series. Expand into wider applications with increased brightness.
TH2 series
Comprehensive product lineup to satisfy all your needs.
LNLP series
An illuminance of one million lx without using cooling fans.
LDL2-2 series
Doubled output power. Rich lineup with 210 models.
Newly developed micromini light units.
LNSP2 series
Achieved an illuminance of 900,000 lx, using a natural air-cooling system.
LFX3 series / Line Pattern Lights
High output Flat Dome Lights /
A cutting-edge method for inspecting bumps on a reflective surface
POD series
Strobe Overdrive Control Unit.
Multi-functional and fine-tunable for various applications.
UV2 series
Ideal for Fluorescent Observation. High-output UV LED Light Units
Band-pass Filters
Band-pass Filters Designed for Use with LED Light Units
Band-pass Filters
IU series
LED lighting with Intensity Control Unit
XC series
Digital Controller XC Series
LNDG Series
Better detection of bumps and subtle vertical wrinkles
LNDG Series
LDLB Series
Bright Bar Lights with Overdrive Lighting to Handle Large Workpieces
PFBR-150SW Series
LNSD Series
Versatile Light Unit of High Luminance and High Uniformity
PFBR-150SW Series
IR2 Series
Abundant lineup, total of 56 models Available for various applications
PFBR-150SW Series
Streak Inspection Best for Finding Moving-direction Scratches
PFBR-150SW Series
High Power Lights  HPR2 / HPD2 Series
"Bright", "Uniform", "Easy to Use" High Power Ring Lights and Dome Lights
PFBR-150SW Series
Achieves the highest level in the industry with 2 million lx
Provides light brighter than a 250-W metal halide light source
PFBR-150SW Series
Low-price DC Input Controller contributing to cost reductions
HLDR-IP series
These waterproof ring LED Light Units ensure the brightness with condensing lenses. IP67 compliance.
HLND series
LED Light Units for Line Scan Applications
Ideal for Short Light Units for Line Scanning!
Telecentric Lenses SE-65/110 SeriesTelecentric Lenses SE-65/110 Series
Seamless Service with Lenses and Light Units
LFV3 series
Enhanced Coaxial Lighting for more optimal imaging
LNSP-FN series
High Output and High Uniformity Error Detection to Avoid Problems Constant Current Control
LND2 series
LED Light Units for Line Scan LND2 Series Highly Uniform Diffused Light
High Performance and with Choice of External Control
HLDL2 series
High-output LED Flood Light
LNSP series/PSB3 series
High-output White LED Light Units for Line Scan Applications
RD2 series
24-V Red LED Light Units RD2 Lineup
High-output, Square, Low-angle LED Light Units
Compact Ring Light Units
One Controller for constant lighting, ON/OFF lighting, and strobe lighting modes.
HLV2 series
Wide-range Spotlight System Consisting of our HLV2 Series
PFB2 series
HYPER LED Light Sources: Bright and more power efficient.
LDL2-33x8 series
Save Space: Installation Possible in Narrow Spaces
TH series
New,High Output Flat Light
The Market Highest Level of Uniformity and Brightness
A Compact, Lightweight Controller for LED Light
LFX2 Series
"High-Output","Infrared light for a wide range of applications" Flat-Dome Light
HPR-50 series
"High-Output","High-Uniformity","Universal-Use" High-Power light.
HLND series
Length (Light emitting surface) available in the increments of 100mm; 100mm min. - 2,700mm max.
LDL2 series
Full model change! New generation bar light.
BB series
Adopting the building block system realizes optimum light control environments.
LN-HK series
LN Series-Highly Intense Convergent Beam Line Light.
HPD/HPR series
"Bright,""Uniform,""Universal" High-Power Light.
SW2 series
Solutions for an extensive range of applications.High-Intensity White LED Lights SW2 Debut.
UV/IR series
CCS is now offering most standard lights in UV and IR wavelength because achieving the best image for machine vision requires the right light and the right wavelength.
SE-16 / SE-18 series
High Performance for a Low Price.