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Line Sensor Light Unit LNSD Series

High luminance type High uniformity type Versatile Light Unit of High Luminance and High Uniformity LED colors: White, red, and blue
Emitting surface length: 100 to 3,000 mm
(Red and blue models are scheduled to be released in the beginning of 2015.) Inspection for foreign substances on transparent film Inspection Applications 1) Dents, foreign substances, and fish-eye holes on transparent film 2) Blots, unevenness, and scratches on metallic foil 3) Oil spots, holes, and edge breaking on paper 4) Blots, mixing of hairs, and crude density on non-woven fabric
Easy-to-use, compact, and lightweight! Try the LNSD! It’s the quickest way.
1 Easy to set up with a Line camera The wide and uniform emitting surface facilitates the positioning of the camera. You can improve the efficiency of the setting work. Emitting surface width 15mm Wide and uniform emitting
surface reduces the burden from the setting work.Uniformity of the high uniformity type(Short side)
2 Compact and lightweight Space-saving 30-mm width!Compact
design! Lightweight 200g for a 100-mm
3 No need for replacement for 5 years Expected life time: 50,000Hours
* Light intensity: 70%, Environment temperature: 50°C Calculated value where the light output drops to 50%(This value does not guarantee the quality of this product.) No need for replacement until the inspection for the Line equipment in its 5th year
4 Stable quality even in a harsh environment Operation temp.50°C allowed Heat resistant design for a high temperature environment ·Optimized case design for heat dissipation ·Heat resistant cable and diffusion plate ·Other components for thorough heat resistance

* For details of the operating temperature of the Control Units and the optional accessories,refer to the CCS website or General Catalog of LED Lighting for Machine Vision Applications.

5 Abundant lineup, total of 180 models Two types: High luminance and high uniformity Three colors: White, red, and blue(Red and blue models are scheduled to be released in the beginning of 2015.) Length of 100 to 3,000 mm(Emitting surface length, 100-mm pitch)
Optimum for replacing your fluorescent lights!!
1 It has excellent brightness and the same uniformity as a fluorescent light.
Uniformity(radiance distribution)
Light distribution characteristics (Short side)
High luminance typeHigh uniformity type Fluorescent lamp Measuring condition: 100% intensity, short side

This data is for reference only. It does not guarantee the quality of this product.

2 Great for replacing fluorescent lights due to the equal size LNSDFluorescent lightLNSD Easy to replace Fluorescent light
3 Cost-reducing
Comparison of the life time between the LNSD (white) and the fluorescent light * Light intensity: 70%, Operation temperature: 50°C Calculated value where the light output drops to 50%(This value does not guarantee the quality of this product.)* The life time of the fluorescent light is estimatedas 10,000 hours according to CCS’s research.
Replacements for fluorescent lights and the light-output changes for LEDs * The graph above is a conceptual image.Replacement of the fluorescent light is assumed to be performed at every 1,000 hours.
4 ·Supports 1,600 to 2,400 mm length as with the fluorescent light 3,000mm max. (100-mm pitch)
Typical length of the fluorescent light: 1,600 to 2,400 mm
Available length of the LNSD: 100 to 3,000 mm
Balanced performance of the LNSD series
The performance balance map below shows the usability of the LNSD series. Comparison between the luminance and the uniformity Comparison between the illuminance and the uniformity Consider the LNSD series first for your workpiece inspection!