Download Collection of Imaging Samples by Industry

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Semiconductor/Electrical Parts Industry

  • Character Recognition on Cell Phones
  • Alignment Images for Chip Copmonents
  • Wafer Dust Imaging
  • Imaging the Number of Through-holes on Boards
  • Reading Marks from Textured Metal Surfaces
  • Imaging of DIP Switch Pin Positions
  • Imaging Electrodes of Electronic Components
  • Imaging Printed Characters on Electronic Components
  • Dimension Measuring and Imaging of Condensers
  • Imaging the External Appearance of Minute Coils
  • Imaging Printed Characters and External Appearance of Electronic Components on Board
  • Imaging and Detecting Electronic Components
  • Imaging Printed Characters on Board
  • Imaging Coating Agent on Board

There are great differences in imaging results depending on the shape of the Light Unit, emitted color, illuminating method and similar conditions.
Please inquire with CCS so that we can use our vast knowledge and experience to help you with imaging.