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Ideal for large-scale workpieces. Flood Lights That Are Perfect for Large-scale Workpieces HLDL2 Series High Output Makes Long-distance Illumination Possible. Select the Optimum Size

The design uses multiple LED boards connected together. You can therefore specify lengths in increments of 150 mm.
With sizes ranging from a minimum of 150 mm to a maximum of 1,200 mm, these Flood Lights are suitable for a wide range of applications.

Selectable Directional Characteristics

Two models are available with different directional characteristics: a Narrow Model, which enables long-distance illumination, and a Wide Model, which provides diffuse illumination over a wide area.

Lineup Includes LED Colors of Red, White, and Infrared

A wide range of colors, from visible light to infrared, is available to meet different inspection needs.

Lights are available in any of eight light-emitting surface lengths, two directional characteristics, and three LED colors. Spectral Distribution Temporal Changes in Irradiation Output

*The graphs provided here are for reference only. Results for individual Lights may vary.