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Introducing new products developed by combining the technologies of CCS.

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Infrared LED Lights Product Lineup

Abundant lineup, total of 56 models Available for various applications

What is Infrared Light?

Infrared light is light that has a wavelength longer than that of visible red light and cannot be seen by the human eye. Compared to visible red light, infrared light has a low scattering rate and high transmittance rate, and therefore is used in imaging which penetrates printed patterns or liquids.

Features(1) Penetration
Visible light
Imaging with infrared light

Infrared irradiation penetrates the liquid to make inside visible.

Features(2) Cancellation
Visible light
Imaging with infrared light

Infrared irradiation cancels out the printing to image the surface evenly.

Foeign material detection by penetrating the liquid

Appearance inspection by cancelling the surface printing

Inspection for the contents of the food package

Various inspections utilizing a difference in spectral reflectance

and more


Irradiation of the Infrared LED only includes specific region of wavelength, so that the irradiation heat is extremely low compared to the halogen l ights and gives less damage on the workpiece.

Region of the Infrared LED Region of the regular halogen light