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Introducing new products developed by combining the technologies of CCS.

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High Power Strobe LED Light Units / Control Unit Instantaneous Maximum Illuminance of Seven Million Ix

The HPD-PF series achieves a brightness up to 8x that of strobe lighting in conventional products.
The new HPD-PF and HPR-PF types can handle jobs that had been difficult with insufficient output.

* Current as of CCS's in-house measurement conditions in May 2017.
The data included is for reference only. Actual values may vary.

[Instruction Video for PF Series]

Extreme Power Strobe Lights

High Power Strobe Light enables further acceleration of fast moving production lines

Conventional product

PF Series

Improving productivity through increased inspection speed

At least 10 times the strobe time is required to obtain the same amount of light with a conventional product.

Brightness comparable to xenon flash lamps

Inspection of chip component

Achieved the same inspection speed made possible by xenon lamps.