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Multi-functional and fine-tunable for various applications

Strobe Overdrive Control Unit POD Series

Voltage control during overdrive operation.

What Is "Overdrive"?
Overdrive is used to emit brighter light by applying a high voltage to an LED Light Unit only for flashes shorter than 1 ms.
This voltage exceeds the voltage for continuous lighting.

Strobe lighting. Overdrive specifications.

Ethernet communications (and Parallel communications),45 W capacity* (total for 2 channels in the same mode),2 channels,Continuous lighting under PWM control.

* Make sure that the total input current of the connected Light Units is no more than the output current of the Control Unit. Contact your sales representative for details.

You can register the parameters according to your inspection scenes.

You can register sets of parameters called scenes that consist of the light control settings for the two channels.
By just applying a scene to the channels, you can easily change the settings.
Up to 10 scenes can be registered. Refer to the Instruction Guide for details.