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Information on New Products and Popular Products

Introducing new products developed by combining the technologies of CCS.

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  • Flat Dome Lights LFX3 Series
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  • Line Pattern Lights

Triple the Brightness of Conventional White Lights Expanded Product Lineup: 28 Models in Total / Flat Dome Lights LFX3 Series

Flat Dome Lights LFX3 Series

*High Output *Abundant Product Lineup *Recreates the Effect of Coaxial Light and Dome Light in a Unit

Approx. 3x the Brightness for White. For inspections in fast-moving
production lines.

Increased brightness with strobe lighting and overdriving.

"Overdriving" is a method for emitting brighter light by applying a large current to an LED Light for a fixed amount of time.
This current exceeds the current during continuous ON/OFF emission.

Shutter speed:1/24,000

Total of 28 Models.

New sizes and blue color now supported.
Conventional products
Series Emitting surface
size (mm)
LED color
- - -
LFX2-50 Series 50 x 50 Red/White/IR
LFX2-75 Series 75 x 75
LFX2-100 Series 100 x 100
LFX2-150 Series 150 x 150
- - -
LFX2-200 Series 200 x 200 Red/White/IR
New products
Series Emitting surface
size (mm)
LED color
LFX3-25 Series 25 x 25
LFX3-50 Series 50 x 50
LFX3-75 Series 75 x 75
LFX3-100 Series 100 x 100
LFX3-150 Series 150 x 150
LFX3-200X100 Series 200 x 100
LFX3-200 Series 200 x 200

Line Pattern Lights Are Also Available

We al tered the dot printings on the light-guiding diffusion plate surface to a line pattern.

Line Pattern Lights LFX3-PT-A/B Series

Application Inspection for bumps on a reflective surface
LED color Red (RD), White (SW), Blue (BL), Infrared (IR)
Emitting surface size (mm) 50x50, 75x75, 100x100, 150x150, 200x200
Dimensions and other specs. The same as those of the standard products.
Imaging example using Line Pattern Lights