Message from Top Management

We use our high-quality light and solutions to revolutionize your inspection process

With a corporate motto of "love and appreciation for customers" CCS has expanded its operations across the globe for the achievement of Creating Customer Satisfaction, for which our company name stands.

As an early adopter of LED-based technologies for machine vision, CCS has been a leading provider of LED lighting solutions in the field, and our products have been delivered to manufacturing facilities across a diverse array of industries. As superior alternatives to visual inspection, automated inspection techniques involving digital image analysis are now the norm, and are still growing in a wide range of industries such as the electronic, semiconductor, food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, as well as the automotive industry.

Our LED lights for machine vision have been developed and produced on a portfolio of our proprietary core technologies backed by numerous patents. We have more than 4,400 products in our product lineup comprising standard and customized models. Through our stringent quality control measures, our products have earned a reputation for high reliability among our customers. Our strengths and advantages lie in our "lighting technologies" for capturing minute or otherwise invisible object details, an expertise perfected by providing over 40,000 lighting solutions to date. We will continue our efforts to provide optimal lighting solutions for all customers from around the world by bringing together our core hardware technologies such as mechanical design, thermal management, and LED mounting techniques with "lighting technologies" for optimal selection and application of lighting equipment.

For the development of new business, we have commercialized LED lights for various specialized business fields such as microscopy, art galleries, museums and medical equipment, where our lights have established a foothold with high ratings by the customers. We will further streamline the research and development activities in these sectors, as well as Agri-biotech and other areas of application.

Moving forward, we will fully utilize our new partnership with the OPTEX GROUP, by fostering collaboration and synergy, and by creating innovative "solutions that are optimally useful to the customer" and providing them on a wide scale, we will strive to establish our position as "an indispensable solution vendor" for manufacturing industry companies the world over.

CCS Inc. Director, President Hiroyuki Onishi