Quality and Environmental Policies

Our Confident Product Quality Guarantee
CCS manufacturing operations focus strongly on thoroughgoing quality, based on the motto “Quality First.” We have introduced *ISO 9001 management system standards in order to maintain and improve quality, and we conduct product development based on a design review system.
We apply strict quality management for inner reviews pertaining to the planning, design and mass production processes, and also in everything from LED selection to manufacturing, inspections and shipping of finished products. Furthermore, we keep records of product components, assembly operations, measurement results, shipments and more for individual products as part of our after-delivery customer support system.
At the time of our founding, LEDs were used merely for display purposes. It is precisely because CCS saw the true potential in LEDs and persisted with product development efforts while striving to learn everything possible about LEDs that we have become capable of offering the most reliable quality possible to customers.
* Approval Date: 15 June 2005

Quality policy

In order to practice our motto “the Spirit of Love and Appreciation
for Customers," to maintain "Quality First" through an optimal continuous operation of the quality management system and to strive for creating added-values for customers, we provide “comfortable", "reliable", and "beyond expectation" quality to maximize customers' satisfaction.

October 27, 2016
CCS Inc.
Hiroyuki Onishi