LDR-LA1 Series

LEDs are mounted perpendicularly on a line-shaped board and arranged in a ring facing horizontally.
The thin design has a thickness of only 10 mm.
These Ring Lights are used extremely close to the workpiece.


Illuminating closest to the workpiece

Allows for illuminating closer to the workpiece than the LDR2-LA series. Perfect for imaging of minute unevenness, damage, or engraved characters.

Imaging example for the LDR-206SW2-LA1:Exterior imaging of food containers

LEDs mounted horizontally

Achieved a thin device that is 10 mm thick by mounting LEDs horizontally in one line. Helps save space because it can be installed near the workpiece.

Cross-section image of the LDR-146-LA1

Example configuration

LEDs are arranged facing horizontally in a ring shape. It can be used extremely close to the workpiece.



Data: Relative irradiance graph and uniformity (Representative example)

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LED properties

Spectral distribution

CCS offers you the most suitable lens filter for each wavelength.
For details about the lens filter,refer to here.


Be sure to read the "Instruction Guide" included with the product before use and follow the safety precautions upon use.
※The data included is for reference only. Actual values may vary.

Custom Order Example

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Imaging Example

Exterior imaging of a plastic case surface

Description Visual inspection
Workpiece Plastic case
Conventional lighting Interior lamp
New lighting LDR-146BL2-LA1
Result Extracting the damage

Exterior imaging of button cell batteries

Description Visual inspection
Workpiece Button cell battery
Conventional lighting LED Ring Light
New lighting LDR-75RD2-LA1
Result Extracting the damage