UV2 Series

These UV Light Units provide superior cost performance.
25 times higher output than the previous models(Comparison with Bar Lights).
For replacement of black lights.

Narrow: The irradiation is concentrated in a narrow range using lenses.
Wide: The irradiation covers a wide range. Lensless type.

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Using high output UV-LEDs

The high output UV-LEDs achieved enhanced output power significantly higher than that of conventional products.

Comparison of imaging with conventional product

Image comparing output of UV Lights by application

Narrow type to irradiate a narrow area

The product lineup includes wide type and narrow type Light Units to irradiate a respective extent. Select an optimum Light Unit to meet the purpose of use.

Comparison of output between a high output UV Light and a black light

※The data included is for reference only and the results may vary.

Example configuration

Ring Lights that use high output UV-LEDs. Bar types and spot types are also available. Select your format to match your needs.