LFV3-G Series

Coaxial Lights for high-resolution cameras.
Slim half mirror prevents ghost images.

  • Equipped with a slim half mirror
  • Prevents ghost images and achieves high-resolution imaging
  • Particular lighting technology achieves high output and high uniformity
  • Available in eight sizes and three colors(Red,Blue,White), for a total of 24 models.

Features of LFV3-G

Equipped with a slim half mirror to support imaging using high-resolution cameras

Prevents ghost images and achieves higher resolution imaging than conventional products. Ideal for imaging using high-resolution cameras.

Causes of Ghost images* (example) *Double images

Causes of Ghosting (Conceptual image)

A thick half mirror causes deviations in the light path, generating a ghost image.
Use of a thinner mirror reduces the deviation of the ghost image, enabling high-resolution imaging.
LFV3-G Series Structure(Conceptual image)

LFV3-G Series Structure (Conceptual image)

  • (1) Optical glass
  • (2) Slim half mirror
  • (3) Flat light source with narrow directionality
  • (4) Protective plate (option)

Achieves up to 2.5 times higher output compared to LFV3

Can be combined with the strobe overdrive power supply POD series to further increase the brightness several times more.

* In comparison of the LFV3 series. (These values are for reference only and are not guaranteed values.)

overdrive power supply POD series

For more information on the strobe overdrive power supply POD series, refer to the POD series.

Available in 8 sizes, for a total of 24 models

A lineup of new sizes is available for various applications. Available in red, white, and blue.

LFV3-G-27 Model
LFV3-G-27 Model

LFV3-G-30X60 Model
LFV3-G-30X60 Model

LFV3-G-35 Model
LFV3-G-35 Model

LFV3-G-50 Model
LFV3-G-50 Model

LFV3-G-50X100 Model
LFV3-G-50X100 Model

NEW LFV3-G-70 Model
LFV3-G-70 Model

NEW LFV3-G-100 Model
LFV3-G-100 Model

NEW LFV3-G-100X200 Model
LFV3-G-100X200 Model

Imaging Example

Imaging comparison







Imaging conditions
Camera : 2448x2048 3.45µm monochrome camera
Lens : 2x telecentric lens
Field of view : 4.2 x 3.5 mm (the image is a cutout of about 1.3 x 1.0 mm at the center)
Resolution : 1.7µm/pixel
WD : 110mm
LWD : 25mm
The shutter speed and light intensity are adjusted for each image.


LFV3-G-27RD (Red)
Relative Irradiance*1Graph
Lighting used: LFV3-G-27RD (Red) Relative Irradiance Graph
Uniformity (Relative)
Lighting used: LFV3-G-27RD (Red) Uniformity (Relative)
LFV3-G-50X100RD (Red)
Relative Irradiance*1Graph
Lighting used: LFV3-G-50X100RD (Red) Relative Irradiance Graph
Uniformity (Relative)
Lighting used: LFV3-G-50X100RD (Red) Uniformity (Relative)

*1 Irradiance on the optical axis
*2 Illuminating distance from the Light Unit to the workpiece

* The data included is for reference only. Actual values may vary.


Protective Plate (PR Series)

Protective Plate( PR-LFV3 Series )

  • Protective plates are available to prevent any reductions in performance due to intrusion of foreign matter into the lights.
  • Anti-reflective (AR coating) has been applied.

* Be aware that installing a protective plate may reduce image resolution.

Protective Plate( PR-LFV3 Series )