Handling of Personal Information

Handling of Personal Information

Personal Information of Customers

CCS Inc. takes appropriate measures to handle the personal information received from our customers by observing the law and standards concerning protection of the personal information.

Personal Information Protection Policy

CCS Inc. has established the following Personal Information Protection Policy for handling the personal information. We are committed to the proper use and protection of personal information under this policy.

Personal Information Protection Policy of CCS Inc.

1. Instituting a Compliance Program and Ongoing Improvements

CCS Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “CCS”) develops and observes in-house rules in the form of a compliance program to make its employees understand the importance of personal information protection, and to use and protect personal information properly. CCS also has established and manages a control system to observe these in-house rules, and improves such system in an ongoing manner.

2. Collecting, Using, and Providing Personal Information

CCS follows its compliance program to collect, use, and provide personal information, and manages the personal information appropriately.

3. Implementing Safety Measures

CCS makes all efforts to keep the personal information up to date, and at the same time, devises information security measures and safety measures to prevent unauthorized access to the personal information, as well as loss, tampering, and leakage of the personal information.

4. Observing the Law and Standards concerning Protection of the Personal Information

Besides taking the measures specified above, CCS abides by the law concerning protection of personal information, and follows the specific rules and guidelines concerning the same stipulated by the supervisory authority and other bodies.

Acquisition of Personal Information on the CCS Website

If necessary, CCS may ask users to provide personal information on its website for the purpose of providing information or receiving inquiries on products, providing information on exhibitions and seminars, or performing other services.
Except in cases recognized as exceptions by law, in all instances, CCS clearly states that personal information is required and requests that website users provide the personal information at their own will. Unless the consent of the website user is obtained, CCS does not use the personal information for purposes other than those specified.

Purposes of Using the Personal Information

CCS uses the personal information obtained from its customers for the purposes given below.
In addition to the following purposes, CCS may, within an appropriate range, use this information for other purposes for which the customer’s individual consent has been obtained.

  • 1) To provide information and guidelines on the products and services handled by CCS.
  • 2) To provide information on events, such as campaigns, exhibitions, and seminars on the products and services provided.
  • 3) To provide materials, such as catalogs, pamphlets, and email on products and services, and also to send samples.
  • 4) To conduct surveys and monitoring of products and services.
  • 5) To confirm and respond to inquires, discussions, requests, and complaints addressed to CCS.

Contents of the Requested Personal Information

Except for cases in which individual consent is obtained, the personal information obtained from CCS’s customers includes the following information:

  • 1) Name of the customer
  • 2) Customer’s company name and address, telephone number, fax number, department name, position, occupational field, email address, and homepage URL
  • 3) Results of the surveys and monitoring conducted with the purpose of planning, developing, and selling products
  • 4) Information for inquires, discussions, requests, and complaints from the customers, as well as relevant information and services

Provision of the Personal Information to a Third Party

CCS does not provide a third party with the personal information on its customers, unless agreed to by the customer or allowed under a provision of the law.
CCS may consign the management of personal information to a third party within the range necessary to achieve the purpose of use of the personal information. In such cases, CCS shall be responsible to make sure that the consigned party appropriately handles the provided personal information.

Contact Address for Requests, Comments, and Complaints

If a customer wishes to inquire about, revise, or delete his/her personal information, he/she can do so after confirming their personal identity.
Please contact us on the address below for inquiries, comments, and complaints on handling of personal information:

CCS Inc.,
38 Konoecho, Demizu-Agaru, Muromachi-dori, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto 602-8019, Japan
TEL : +81-75-415-8277 FAX : +81-75-415-8278

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