The Differences in Images by Lighting

There are many different figured LED lights, even in the same range of colors. CCS provides 300 kinds of light as standard products, and over 100 kinds with different sizes and designs. If the light configuration changes or an irradiation angle changes, the image in the result will completely look differently even it is the same work sample.
Now we can look at how the images of a work sample, in this case a 500yen coin, appears differently, depending on various irradiation angles.


(500yen coin)

Light used:


Coaxial light is used and irradiated from the same angle as a camera. The background of the coin becomes brighter, and all figures on the coin become darker.

Light used:


Low-angle ring light is used and irradiated from a low angle (object was placed in the middle of the light). Image shows completely opposite from the image viewed under coaxial light. The background of the coin becomes darker and all figures become brighter.

Light used:


Low-angle ring light of one LED array is used and irradiated from right beside of the object (object was placed in the middle of the light). Edges of figures reflect thin and clearly, and stand out more.

Light used:


Bar-light is used and irradiated from only one side. Figures of 500yen inside two big zeros are showed up clearly in which invisible by human eye in normal light.

Light used:


The same Bar-light as left-hand side is used, and irradiated from the opposite direction. 500yen figure in zero disappears and one vertical line shows up instead in each zero.

*You can view detailed information on a particular Light Unit by clicking the model number of the Light Unit.

The example above shows different images with different irradiation angles, using the same object.

Comparing the image taken by LFV2-70RD and the image taken by LDR2-132RD-LA, the irradiated part and the shadow part look completely diametrically opposed. Depending on the light source, a changing image process method in bright field and in dark field is also possible. CCS has designed and developed a vast range of high performance lights to satisfy various requirements, like the application above.

Imaging Differs Depending on the Combination of the Light Unit and Workpiece


Metal part
(automotive part)

Circuit board
(electronic part)


PET bottle

Ring Lights
LDR2 series
LDR2-LA series
LDR2-LA series
LDR-LA1 series
High-angle HPR2 series
Low-angle HPR2 series
Coaxial Lights
LFV3 series
Dome Lights
HPD2 series
Flat Dome Lights
LFX3 series
Flat Lights
TH2 series
Bar Lights
LDL2 series

There are great differences in imaging results depending on the shape of the Light Unit, emitted color, illuminating method and similar conditions.
Please inquire with CCS so that we can use our vast knowledge and experience to help you with imaging.