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CCS Member Benefits

If you register for a CCS membership and login to your account, you will be able to download various materials/documentation (drawings, user manuals, etc.), place requests for "lighting selection" assistance, "equipment rentals," "quotations," and "catalogs," in addition to gaining access to view/download all of the contents available on this website and to make use of a variety of convenient features. We highly recommend that you sign up.

Various Bulk Requests/Quotations

Testing for various products, free equipment rentals, requests for pricing or quotations, inquiries related to products, etc., can be placed through our website. It is also possible to place bulk requests for multiple products that interest you.

My Page

You can also make use of the My Page feature. This feature can be used to manage your past request history and download history, and it is possible to make various follow-up requests and download files based on your history. It also allows you to view past issues of the Email Newsletter.

Download Service

Various materials/documentation can be downloaded, such as catalogs and drawings for various products, CAD data, sample collections, etc. It is also possible to perform bulk downloads of materials/documentation for multiple products that interest you.

About Membership Registration

Through this website, which is operated by CCS Inc., we aim to process inquiries related to our products, provide announcements on exhibitions and seminars, and to provide data for download, among other services.

In order to allow our customers to use this website, there are cases where we may ask you to register and provide us with some required information. When registering such information, we ask that you provide us with accurate information. Additionally, in order to use a variety of the services that we provide, we will require you to register with us, and we ask for your understanding.

Upon using this website, there may be cases where our company provides additional terms of service separate to those shown here. In such cases, agreement with such terms of service will be required in order to use this website, and we ask that you thoroughly review such individual terms in advance, and that you abide by said terms.

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