PSCC Series

Constant-current Analog Control Units.
Equipped for Ethernet, EIA-485, and parallel communications external control all in a single unit.


  • High-capacity constant current Analog Control Units. 300 W and 600 W models are available.
  • The light intensity can be set to any of 256 or 1,000 different levels.※Parallel communications: Adjustment to 256 levels only
  • You can adjust the light intensity separately for each Light Unit circuit.※With Ethernet or EIA-485 communication
  • External control compatible with parallel, EIA-485 and Ethernet communication using a single unit.
  • The error detection function is able to detect insufficient speed or stopping of the Light Unit cooling fan and bulb burn-out errors by disconnected or shorted LED circuit.

Example connections

Refer to the “Instruction Guide” for details.

Parallel communication
Example connections of external signal

ON/OFF input
Example connections of external signal

You can reverse the operation logic.

Example system configuration

Example system configuration PSCC