1993 Oct. CCS Inc. was founded with a capital of ¥10,000,000
1994 Jan. Developed and released the Flat-type LED Lights with high intensity (LFL Series)
Apr. Developed and released the Ring-type LED Lights with high intensity (Former LDR Series)
1995 Dec. Developed the White LED Lights
1999 Sep. Established CCS America Inc. (100% subsidiary)
2000 May. Established Tokyo Sales Office
2001 Mar. Relocated headquarters to Okakuencho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto City
Dec. Developed and released the Spot-type LED Lights with high intensity (HLV Series)
2002 Dec. Developed and released the heat dissipating construction LED Lights (LDR2 Series)
2003 Jun. Developed and released the Plant Incubators with LED light source
Sep. Established CCS Inc. Shanghai Office (representative office)
2004 Jan. Set up CCS Logistics Center (Warehouse)
Jun. Listed on the JASDAQ market
Sep. Incorporated RDV (S) PTE. LTD. as its own subsidiary
Nov. Established CCS Europe N.V. (100% subsidiary)
2005 Mar. Developed and released LED Lights for microscope
Apr. Developed and released LED Lights for research of plant cultivation (IS Series)
Jun. Certified ISO 9001 (in Head Office, Tokyo Sales Office and CCS Logistics Center)
Sep. Developed and released the Flat-dome Lights (LFX Series)
Dec. Developed and released the super high intensity LED Lights for line sensors (HLND Series)
2006 Jun. Certified ISO 14001 (in Head Office, Tokyo Sales Office and CCS Logistics Center)
2007 Jun. Established Nagoya Sales Office
Developed and released the high-intensity Uniform Diffused Light LED Lights (High-power Light)
Jul. Integrated production and logistics and set up Production Center
Sep. Developed and released LED Light Source Box (PFB)
Nov. Set up Sendai Testing Room
Developed Natural LED Lights in partnership with Yamaguchi University
2008 Jan. Established Lighting Technology Institute
Mar. Established CCS Inc. Shenzhen Office (representative office)
Oct. Started doing research of energy-saving plant factory in partnership with Fairy Angel Inc.
2009 Jan. Changed the company name of subsidary in Singapore from RDV (S) PTE. LTD. to CCS Asia PTE. LTD.
Mar. Developed and released Natural Light LED Ring Light for Stereomicroscope (CNR-110NW)
Oct. Had acquired the license of third-class marketing authorization and manufacture of general medeical device
2010 Dec. Established CCS Asia PTE. LTD. Bangkok Office (representative office)
2012 Aug. Developed and released "MUSEUM COB SPOT LIGHT," LED Light for museums (including art museum)
2013 Jan. Developed and released "HLUV series," UV-LED curing unit and entered the UV curing lighting market
Oct. Established CCS Inc. Taiwan Office (representative office)
2014 Jan. Established CCS America, Inc. El Paso Testing Room
Sep. Set up Kanazawa Testing Room
Set up Moriyama Testing Room
Oct. Set up Yodoyabashi Testing Room
Set up Honatsugi Testing Room
Established CCS America, Inc. San Jose Testing Room
2016 May. CCS became a subsidiary of OPTEX GROUP Company, Limited (formerly Optex Co. Ltd.) as the result of a tender offer.
Aug. Changed the end of our fiscal year from July to December
Sep. Established CCS Asia PTE. LTD. Malaysia Office (representative office)
Nov. Set up KOREA Testing Room
2017 May. Established Development Center
Jun. Established CCS China Inc. (100% subsidiary)
Nov. Established Hakata Testing Room
Dec. Established Kumamoto Testing Room
2018 Feb. Established CCS Asia PTE.LTD. Penang Testing Room
May. Established Sapporo (Hokkaido) Testing Room
Jun. Delisted from the JASDAQ Securities Exchange in Tokyo
Jul. Became a subsidiary of Optex Group Co., Ltd. through a stock swap
stablished an AI laboratory at Tokyo Sales Office
Moved Honatsugi Testing Room and established Yokohama Testing Room
Established CCS America, Inc. Detroit Testing Room
Aug. Established Haneda UV Testing Room
Oct. Aquired EFFILUX SAS as a wholly owned subsidiary
2019 Jan. Established CCS MV (Thailand) as a subsidiary of CCS Asia PTE. LTD.
May. Relocated headquarters to Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto City
Established Mikawa Testing Room