LDR2 Series

Any angle can be created with CCS's unique flexible circuit boards.
The required irradiance is ensured by radiating direct light towards the center of the workpiece.


Standard Ring Lights

Uses a flexible circuit board to achieve the functions needed for a Ring Light. It can illuminate workpieces at an angle and can illuminate the whole workpiece. This alleviates the influence of slight position or inclination deviations in the workpiece and enables stable imaging.

Flexible circuit board

Succeeds in greatly reducing LED's heat

Heat dissipation material is used between the board and the aluminum housing, absorbing heat produced by the LEDs. This succeeds in greatly reducing the creation of heat, which causes the LEDs to deteriorate.

Cross-section image of the LDR2-120

Example configuration

Bend the flexible circuit board to any shape necessary and mount LEDs with high density. Illuminates so that direct light is concentrated in the center.



Data: Relative irradiance graph and uniformity (Representative example)

※The data included is for reference only. Actual values may vary.


LED properties

Spectral distribution

CCS offers you the most suitable lens filter for each wavelength.
For details about the lens filter,refer to here.

Directional characteristics

Be sure to read the "Instruction Guide" included with the product before use and follow the safety precautions upon use.
The data included is for reference only. Actual values may vary.

Custom Order Example

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Imaging Example

Electrode imaging of electronic parts

Description Visual inspection
Workpiece Electronic parts
Conventional lighting LED Bar Light
New lighting LDR2-32RD2
Result Improved uniformity

Imaging text on an intake valve

Description Character recognition
Workpiece Intake valve (automobile part)
Conventional lighting LED Ring Light
New lighting LDR2-50RD2
Result Emphasized characters