3D Pattern Projector

LED-based structured LED pattern projector retains all the advantages of LEDs compared to laser sources (e.g. pattern uniformity and sharpness, eye safety, lifetime issues).

3D Pattern Projector

  • Ultra-high power, superior homogeneity, sharp edges, speckle-free.
  • Multiple interchangeable patterns with wide depth of field.
  • Available in wide variety of masks (Line, grid, etc.)
  • Dedicated cloud of dots pattern mask for body scanning and stereo vision.
  • Compatible with most lenses (C-Mount, E-Mount) to change the size of the projection area.
  • Strobe mode and trigger mode are customizable to fit application needs.
  • Full range of wavelengths (UV, visible, IR).

Common uses: 3D profilometry, body scanning, stereo vision, bin picking in robotics, alignment applications.


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