Custom Orders

"The standard product doesn't have the right size."
"It's not bright enough."
If that’s the case, in addition to our standard lineup,we also accept custom orders.We listen to your needs and create the "optimal light" for you.
In addition to lights, we even accept custom orders for options, such as Control Units and cables.We provide quotations, drawings,and specifications,free-of-charge.

Examples of Items That Can be Custom Ordered

※Please feel free to inquire about anything else that is not mentioned above.

Flow of Custom Orders


With a standard product, there are no Light Units with a length or thickness that is suitable for the workpiece or device


When the size is good but you want to illuminate at a different angle


With a standard product, light is irradiated up to the unnecessary part and contrast drops


Examples of other custom ordered items

We suggest Light Units that are optimal for your inspection procedures and environment

Light Units for External Inspection of Electronic Parts on Circuit Boards

The Light Unit design is optimized to match your desired camera position or split imaging. Changing the position of the irradiation port of Coaxial Lights and distributed control of the emitting surface are achieved.

Light Units for External Inspection of Minute Electronic Parts

Creating a hole in the center of a Flat Light provides a passage for the operating section of a suction nozzle.
This can be used for external inspection of electronic parts held by suction at the tip.

Light Units for Damage Inspection of Metal Rods

You can combine Coaxial and Dome Lights to create an optimal configuration for imaging using line sensor cameras. They can be used for damage inspection of metal rods with glossy surfaces.

Light Units for External Inspection of Metal Parts

Light Unit design is optimized to match your camera installation requirements.
Allows for the combining of a mirror with a low-angle Ring Light.

Based on the know-how and skills we have accumulated since our founding, CCS combines various elements, such as light wavelength, illuminating distance, and illuminating angle, to provide a "lighting solution" environment that is perfect for you.