LFV3 Series

These Coaxial Lights have a half mirror to align the diffused light from the LED array to the same optical axis as the camera lens.
Mirror surface workpieces are uniformly illuminated without unevenness.
The diffusion plate is adjustable and exchangeable.

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Freely customize the diffusion

Customize the diffusion

Diffusion plate status Result
Change the transmittance rate from (high) to (low) Increased uniformity
Change the installation position to the LED side Emphasized directionality

1) Prepared two types of diffusion plates with different transmittance rate.

Replace the diffusion plate to change the transmittance rate.

2) The installation position of the diffusion plate can be adjusted.

Change the position to achieve various imaging effects.

LFV3-CP series

Replacing the half-mirror with a beam splitter increased accuracy. It is perfect for tiny workpieces and environments with limited installation space.

Coaxial Light that supports high-resolution cameras

Highly-accurate optical glass is used for the camera window and the half-mirror. This allows for stable imaging when using high-resolution cameras.

LFV3 series, a Coaxial Light with improved quality

Example configuration

By using the half mirror, diffused light from the LED is illuminated on the same axis as the camera axis.



Data: Relative irradiance graph and uniformity (Representative example)

※The data included is for reference only. Actual values may vary.



LED properties

Spectral distribution

CCS offers you the most suitable lens filter for each wavelength.
For details about the lens filter,refer to here.

Be sure to read the "Instruction Guide" included with the product before use and follow the safety precautions upon use.
The data included is for reference only. Actual values may vary.

Imaging Example

Imaging of engraved text on a metal connector hood

Description Character recognition
Workpiece Connector hood
Conventional lighting LED Bar Light
New lighting LFV3-50RD(A)
Result Emphasizes the engraved text

Imaging for circuit board through holes

Description Visual inspection
Workpiece Circuit board
Conventional lighting LED Ring Light
New lighting LFV3-100RD(A)
Result Improved uniformity

Custom Order Example

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