HLV3-3M-RGB-4 Series

Micro Fiber Head (HFS and HFR Serieses) Dedicated Light Sources.
A full color light source that achieves the illumination color perfect for your workpiece.

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Note: These lights require the Control Units provided with the output connectors for Spotlights.
The available Control Units vary depending on the input current of lights.
For details, refer to the "Power Supplies" column on the page describing each light model name.


Step-less Blending of Any Color with High Output and Uniformity.

Illuminate with optimum red, green, and blue emission colors.

HLV3-3M-RGB-4 is a dedicated light source composed of light sources and a blending unit.
Step-less intensity control of the light sources can be performed for each color.
The blending unit achieves uniform illumination due to its special construction.
Connect this light source to our unique Micro Fiber Head series to create optimum illumination colors in a variety of illumination configurations.

HLV3-22GR-4-NR(Green light source),HLV3-22RD-4-NR(Red light source),HLV3-22BL-4-NR(Blue light source),HLV-3M (Blending unit)(image)

Example configuration


Light source: :HLV3-22RD-4-NR、HLV3-22GR-4-NR、HLV3-22BL-4-NR

Connection example for HLV3-3M-RGB-4 and a Micro Fiber Head

Straight type: HFS-14-500

Straight type: HFS-14-500(image)

Ring type: HFR-25-10 / HFR-25-30 / HFR-40-20 (Three light sources are required for use.)

Ring type: HFR-25-10 / HFR-25-30 / HFR-40-20(image)

Imaging Example

Imaging of liquid-crystal color filters

Red illumination Blue illumination Green illumination Blend of blue and green illumination(image)
Use the HLV3-22-4-NR series to create illumination with a highly accurate blended color.
Independently adjust the intensity for each color to create exactly the color you want and help improve inspection accuracy.

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Custom Order Example

We accept custom orders.

Please feel free to inquire.

  • Shape modifications
  • Brightness increases
  • Changes in wavelength, etc.