Loan Products

You can use them "whenever," "wherever,“
and "however many times," free-of-charge.

"I want to evaluate the product before purchasing it."

To meet this kind of customer need, we have prepared well over 18,000 loan products.
You can use them "whenever," "wherever,“ and "however many times," free-of-charge.
Please see our products' functions, performance, and quality for yourself.

Procedure for Free Rentals

After receiving information on the workpiece to be inspected/inspection conditions, etc., from our customers, we do our best to provide them with the optimal solution to meet their needs.
Toward this end, we offer free-of-charge rentals of our products, to enable customers to perform assessments of such solutions within their own usage environment.
If you also wish for us to provide product configuration validations or verification of your inspection processes, prior to your purchase of our products, please feel free to inquire.

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