LNLP Series

An illuminance of one Million lx without cooling fans.
The original unit shape enables both low- and high-angle illumination.

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1,000,000 lx or more in illuminance

The high-illuminance Line Lights brighter than the conventional fan-type units, despite being fan-less.

Graph of the change in illuminance

Controlling each Light Unit circuit

The light intensity value for each Light Unit circuit can be set through the external control. Also, burn-out errors in LED circuits can be detected.

For detailed information on the applicable Control Units PSCC series, refer to here.

Optimum Light Unit shape for use at the inspection sites

For use at the site of inspection, the Light Unit shape is optimized with its light emitting tip shifted to one side of the Light Unit body. As a result, the camera view is not blocked during illumination, and the Light Unit can be installed close to the workpiece.


Inspecting the appearance of film substrates

Example configuration

Achieves high-illuminance despite being fan-less. The constant-current drive system allows for even imaging with a high degree of uniformity.

LNLP series


Data (Representative example)

※The graph included is for reference only. Actual values may vary.


LED properties

Spectral distribution

Be sure to read the "Instruction Guide" included with the product before use and follow the safety precautions upon use.
The data included is for reference only. Actual values may vary.

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