CD-VA Series

Compact and multifunctional DC input type control units CD-VA Series.
Supports 3 intensity control methods.
Up to 4 units can be connected via infrared communication and maximum 16-channel control is available.



CD-VA Series
  • Compact design with balanced operability and functionality
  • Lighting output of 100 W with 2 channels and 200 W with 4 channels available (Max 50 W for each channel)
  • Up to 4 units can be connected via infrared communication
  • 3 intensity control methods can be set by channel
      (PWM control, variable-voltage control, strobe overdrive)
  • Clear and visible display screen and high operability

Supports 3 Intensity Control Methods

Choose the control method for each channel between general PWM (pulse width modulation), variable-voltage control suited to line scan camera inspections, and strobe overdrive allowing brighter lighting.
One control unit supports various inspection conditions.

PWM control
PWM control
Variable-voltage control
PWM control
Strobe overdrive
Strobe overdrive

* Operates when lighting time is 1,000 μs or less. When the lighting time is set in units of ms, the strobe overdrive does not operate.
Operation is at normal voltage (24 V).

Variable-voltage control dimmer range

Dimmer range can be switched between 2 levels.
Select in accordance with lighting characteristics or applications.

Variable-voltage range: LOW/12 to 24 V
Variable-voltage range: LOW/12 to 24 V
Variable-voltage range: HIGH/18 to 24 V
Variable-voltage range: HIGH/18 to 24 V

Depending on the characteristics of the lighting in use, the dimming value when lighting starts may vary and lights may turn ON even at a dimming value of 0.

Strobe overdrive

See the URL below for the combinations of LED lighting available when using strobe overdrive.

How to Check Lighting Connection Combinations

Up to 4 Units Connectable

Maximum 16-channel control is available*

Up to 4 units can be connected to control via infrared communication.
For example, with four units of the 4-channel type connected, the lighting parameters can be set for up to 16 channels.
External control cables for each unit are unnecessary as the parent unit can control settings on the connected units.
By using the setting copy function, setting can be easily reflected to each channels, allowing for reduced workload.

CD-VA Up to 4 units Connectable

Caution: For ON/OFF control via trigger input, individual connection to control unit and control is required.

* With 4 units of the 4-channel model connected

Control to expansion units

Only the main unit can control the connected expansion units.
Setting controls on an expansion unit does not apply the same changes to the main unit and the other expansion units.

Only the main unit can control the connected expansion units.
Setting controls on a expansion unit does not apply the same changes to the main unit and the other expansion units.
Can also be connected with the Optex FA OPPX Series.
When using CD-VA as a main unit, OPPX Series, FALUX sensing+ function is unavailable.

Features 2

Sequence Control

Emits light in any pattern

Program up to 16 steps of ON input for a pattern of light emission with desired intensity and emission time.
For example, when using 4-quadrant bar lights or segmented lights to illuminate from multiple directions,
the emission patterns for each channel can be stored and switched ON/OFF by trigger input.

Emits light in any pattern

Sequence control application examples
Photometric stereo imaging

The workpiece is illuminated and imaged from 4 directions.
It is possible to generate images that highlight only the unevenness or extract only the pattern by using the differences of each captured image.

Imaging example (4 divisions)
Photometric stereo imaging External Imaging example (4 divisions)

Recipe Setting Function

Up to 16 lighting setting parameters can be saved

Parameter settings such as intensity values for each channel and other inspection-specific parameter settings can be
registered in advance, allowing for easy setting changes simply by recalling recipes.

CD-VA Up to 16 lighting setting parameters can be saved

Trigger Input Assignment Function

Trigger Input Assignment Function

Control ON/OFF of multiple lights with 1 trigger input. Change assignments even after wiring.

CD-VA Trigger Input Assignment Function Setting example

Communication function

External Signal Connection Example

(Both NPN and PNP connections are supported and logic switching is possible.)

NPN connection (sink connection)
CD-VA NPN connection (sink connection)
PNP connection (source connection)
CD-VA PNP connection (source connection)

Enhanced Status Confirmation Functions

Status of the control unit and light (errors, ON/OFF, etc.) can be confirmed using the output* function.

* There are two output systems: parallel and trigger pin.

Usage example: Trigger input ready status confirmation

Output ON: each channel can accept a trigger input. Output OFF: light in operation (ON, strobe, etc.).

CD-VA Output timing example
USB connector (Type-C) for data communication

USB connector (Type-C) for data communication with a PC even while connected to external control devices.

USB connection image

Check settings and verify operation using the CD-VA dedicated app (utility software).

CD-VA USB connection image


Setting Application CD-VA Dedicated App (Utility Software)

A dedicated app to easily set lighting parameters

Set each channel's dimming value and ON/OFF control, as well as sequence control, recipe setting,
ON/OFF input assignment, etc. The app also monitors operation status.

CD-VA Utility Software

The dedicated application can be downloaded from the Product Lineup.

Product Lineup


Trigger cable(Model name:EXCB2-FER08-22-3-9CL)

Model name:EXCB2-FER08-22-3-9CL


* This product comes with 9 wires/set.

External control cable(Model name:EXCB2-FX32-9F-3, EXCB2-FX32-3)

Model name:EXCB2-FX32-9F-3
RS-232C cable


Model name:EXCB2-FX32-3
External control cable


Ferrite core (Model name: OP-NFT-13S)

Recommended installation location: Lighting output cable termination of CD-VA
Contact your local sales office for details.

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