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Terms of Use
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1. Disclaimers

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  • 1) That the information contained on this Site, or the information provided through downloads is correct, accurate, and reliable, and matches the actual product;
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2. Request for Observance of All Rules

Additional rules as to the use of this Site may be stipulated by CCS when it is necessary. In such cases, your usage of this Site is subject to your acceptance to be bound by such rules. Therefore, please confirm and read each rule carefully on this Site before proceeding with the use of this Site.

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11. Cancellation of User Registration

The user registration may be cancelled at the discretion of CCS in the following events:

  • 1) If the ID and password in connection with the registration of member information for use of this Site are used inappropriately.
  • 2) If any action violates any provision of the Terms of Use or other rules stipulated by CCS.
  • 3) If CCS determines that the registration information provided by the user is inaccurate or improper.
12. Hyperlinks

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