MSU Series

These Coaxial Lights provide collimated lighting which is created through a special lens.
The product lineup includes five models with different fields of view and the LED colors of red (RD2), white (SW), blue (BL), and green (GR).


Provides collimated lighting created using a special lens. It is perfect for extracting tiny scratches, damage, or dents on mirror surfaces. The included lens can be used for convergent light.

Example configuration


Collimated light optical unit MSU series

Light illuminated from a normal light source moves in a straight line while radially diffusing. Collimated light refers to light where one point of light illuminated from a source at infinitely far distance, such as the sun, hits any surface from the same angle. The MSU series is an optical unit developed by applying the principle of collimated light.

Extracts damage, scratches, and dents on mirror workpieces

This optical unit is effective for inspections that were difficult using conventional image processing, such as extracting shallow and tiny scratches, damage and dents, and reading barcodes on mirror workpieces.

Using an LED Light allows for high performance, stable, and low-cost imaging. This is an applied product that melds lighting technology design with optical design.

Custom Order Example

We accept custom orders.

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  • Shape modifications
  • Brightness increases
  • Changes in wavelength, etc.

Imaging Example

Exterior imaging of button cell batteries