PTU2 Series

This Strobe Control Unit enables strobe lighting of the LED Light Units. The lighting pulse width can be controlled between 10 and 990 μs at increments of 10 μs.
Note: Select a model after making sure that the total power consumption of the Light Units is within the output power capacity of the Control Unit.

  • Strobe Unit


  • The PTU2 series enables the lights to emit several times brighter than using the ON/OFF control function of the conventional PSB and PD3/PD2 series, or by strobe lighting using STU-3000.
  • The two independent channels allow for setting each channel to emit for 10 to 990 μs.

Example connections

Refer to the “Instruction Guide” for details.

Overcurrent protection function

PTU2 Control Units forcibly stop the power output when the current consumption in the Light Unit exceeds the value shown below. The error lamp (red) on the front of the unit also flashes. Stopping of output is not released until the Control Unit is restarted.

Model name PTU2-3012(A) PTU2-3024(A)
Power consumption 8.5 A peak min 6.0 A peak min

Use 24 VDC and 20 mA max. for the OCP OUT load in order to obtain a margin.

Example system configuration