Control Unit Selection Guide

You can easily find and select the Control Unit you need.

Functions Item Series Name the Spot Light HLV2 Series
Power supply AC input PD3seriesPD2seriesPSBseries PD3series*2PJseries
DC input PD3seriesCC-ST-1024BBseries PD3series*2PJseriesCC-PJ-0707
Output voltage 24V PD3seriesPD2seriesPSBseriesCC-ST-1024BBseries Selection is unnecessary.
12V PD2seriesPSBseriesBBseries
Actual capacity varies depending on the product. Refer to the corresponding product specifications for details.
100W PD3series Selection is not necessary because the capacity of the matching Control Unit is not exceeded.
However, you cannot connect multiple Light Units using a branch cable.
If you are connecting any Light Units of the PD3 series other than the Spot Light HLV2 series, be sure to check that the total power consumption of the Light Unit is within the output power of the Control Unit before using.
50W PD3seriesPD2series
30W PD3seriesPD2seriesPSBseriesBBseries
10W CC-ST-1024PD2seriesPSBseries
5W PSBseries
Number of channels 16 BBseries
8 PD3seriesBBseries PD3series*2
4 PD3seriesPD2seriesBBseries PJseries
1 CC-ST-1024PSBseriesBBseries CC-PJ-0707
external control Parallel communication
If you want prompt control by receiving set values in a batch:
PD3seriesPD2seriesBBseries PD3series*2
Serial communication EIA-485
If you want to individually manage multi-drop wiring:
PD3series PD3series*2
Ethernet communication TCP/IP UDP/IP
If you want to individually manage IP addresses from an upper level network:
PD3series PD3series*2
Analog input
If you want to control intensity by analog voltage:
Intensity control method PWM control
If you want to digitally set intensity control:
voltage control
If you want to use with a high-speed shutter of 1/4,000 or higher:
PSBseries PD3series*2PJseriesCC-PJ-0707
ON/OFF control Continuous lighting
Use when continuously emitting light:
PD3seriesPD2seriesPSBseriesCC-ST-1024BBseries PD3series*2PJseriesCC-PJ-0707
ON/OFF lighting
Use for emitting light only when necessary:
PD3seriesPD2seriesCC-ST-1024BBseries PD3series*2PJseriesCC-PJ-0707
Strobe lighting
No overdrive
Use for emitting light momentarily
PD3seriesCC-ST-1024BBseries(Continuous emitting type) CC-PJ-0707
Strobe lighting
Overdrive specifications*1
If you want to emit light brighter than ON/OFF lighting or strobe lighting without overdrive:
(Used with dedicated Light Units for strobe emitting)
BBseries(Strobe emitting type)

★Control Units recommended by CCS

  • *1 Light emission is made even brighter than ON/OFF lighting or strobe lighting without overdrive:
  • *2 The PD3-3024-3 and PD3-5024-3 series are not applicable to the Spot Light HLV2 series.