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The lightweight and compact Spot Light achieved high output through its unique optical design.

HLV2-22: Standard model
HLV2-14: Compact model
HLV2-22-3W: High output model

The HLV2 series provides a selection to match your usage
environment and application.

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Illumination Structure
These secial Light Sources developed for the Fiber-Head Series output maximum light at the connecting end through the use of the unique illumination structure.

The LV Spot Lights feature low power consumption. The product lineup includes the LED colors of red (RD), white (SW), blue (BL), and green (GR).

Illumination Structure
These Spot Lights have a tip diameter of 8 mm and an emitting surface diameter of 6 mm, and can be mounted on the coaxial unit of a Macro Lens or a Telecentric Lens.

* Achieved both high output and high uniformity
* Reduced individual differences in brightness
* Achieved high output up to double that of conventional products
* For broad applications with high-performance collimated lighting and condenser lenses

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1 - 3 of 3 items      Items per page: