MSU Series (Lens-integrated Parallelism-variable Coaxial Lights)

Lens-integrated parallelism-variable coaxial lights (custom order).
Integrated lens for easy light source and camera optical axis adjustment.

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This is a made-to-order product. For queries and details, contact your CCS sales representative.


  • Lens-integrated coaxial lights with the light source built into the telecentric lens
  • The NA of the light source side and imaging side can be adjusted
  • The parallelism of the light can be changed by adjusting the aperture on the lens side and light side
  • Enables easy light source and camera optical axis adjustment
  • A unique optical design that achieves a compact housing
  • Compatible with high-megapixel cameras such as 2/3-type 5 MP and 1-type 9 MP


Imaging where the degree of extraction of minor scratches, dents, and dents on the glossy surface is adjusted / Imaging that improves the reproducibility of verification conditions, etc.

Light Aperture Adjustment Example

Imaging the Appearance of Button Battery

Workpiece: Button battery

Workpiece: Button battery
Light aperture status(1)
Light aperture status(2)
Light aperture status(3)





(1) Camera installation

The field of view changes by the sensor size of the mounted camera.
Select and install the camera according to the workpiece.

(2) Installing the main body

Secure the main body so that the working distance (WD) is around 160 mm.

(3) Adjusting the optical axis

The camera's optical axis and the workpiece must be vertically aligned.
Use a mirror for easier adjustment of the optical axis alignment.
We recommend dimming the light while adjusting the alignment.
Align the optical axis by adjusting the tilt of the light unit or the brightness to evenly illuminate the entire field of view.

(4) Imaging the workpiece

Slide the "light aperture adjustment screw" and observe the change in the workpiece.
Fix the light aperture adjustment screw near where appropriate images can be obtained.
If it is necessary to obtain depth of field, slide the lens aperture adjustment screw and fix it near the appropriate depth of field.

(5) Setting the light intensity

Adjust the light brightness and the exposure time of the camera to set the appropriate brightness.