New models of the High-Illuminance Tunnel-Dome Lights LN-EAA / LN-EBA Series (Red, Blue) Released

The LN-EAA / LN-EBA series under our CCS AItec brand (released on January 31, 2020) is now available in red and blue.

The LN-EAA / LN-EBA series has the following features:
* Light from the LEDs is scattered inside the light unit to evenly illuminate the whole surface of the workpiece,
reducing overexposure and underexposure
* 2 series 16 sizes 3 colors(red, white and blue) 96 models in total Line-up!
* Light emitting surface length up to 1,600 mm
*Fan-less cooling system suitable for use in a clean room environment such as for printed circuit board production

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