New models of the Spot Lights "HLV3" and the Dedicated Control Units "PJ2" Release

"HLV3 Series" New Models
HLV3-22-4S (High output model)
* High output up to double that of conventional products.
* Optimized for CCS’s high-magnification telecentric lenses (1.0 to 6.0x).

HLV3-22-4M (high uniformity model)
* Optimized for CCS’s low-magnification telecentric lenses (0.3 to 0.8x).

HLV3-22IR860 (Infrared model)
* For transmission applications.

Spot Light Dedicated Control Unit
PJ2 Series
* Analog Control Units
* Easily check and set operation of Light Units with the built-in LCD.
* Light intensity can be set in 1,024 steps.
* Can be controlled manually or via Ethernet or parallel communications.

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