Coaxial Lights LFV3-G Series dedicated Protective Plates (PR-LFV3)

Protects the half mirror part of the Light Unit of LFV3-G Series.

  • Protective plates are available to prevent any reductions in performance due to intrusion of foreign matter into the lights.
  • Anti-reflective (AR coating) has been applied.

* Be aware that installing a protective plate may reduce image resolution.

Applicable products

Protection plates are available for the LFV3-G series and LFV3 series.
Model name Applicable products
PR-LFV3-27 LFV3-G-27
PR-LFV3-30X60 LFV3-G-30X60
PR-LFV3-35 LFV3-G-35、LFV3-35(A)
PR-LFV3-50 LFV3-G-50、LFV3-50(A)
PR-LFV3-50X100 LFV3-G-50X100、LFV3-50X100(A)
PR-LFV3-70 LFV3-G-70、LFV3-70(A)
PR-LFV3-100 LFV3-G-100、LFV3-100 (A)
PR-LFV3-100X200 LFV3-G-100X200