CU-LNSP2 Series

These optional products are used with the LNSP2-series Line Light.
Mount this product on the LNSP2 Series to enable coaxial lighting from the same optical axis as the camera lens.

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  • Coaxial Units


Custom Order Example

Information about custom ordered products

The following products can support coaxial illumination via a custom product. Inquire at your CCS sales representative for details.

LT series

Custom products with an emitting surface that is 10 mm wide are also available.

Achieve both high uniformity and high brightness through this unique optical system. It can perform highly-accurate inspections and also supports high-speed scan rates.

LNSP-FN series

High output type of the LNSP series. Forced air cooling (fan cooling).
Achieved a brightness of 900,000 lx (at LWD = 50 mm).

LN-HK-STK series

A cylindrical lens allows for illuminating with a convergent line of light. By changing the position of the lens unit on the tip, you can freely set the converging length or the converging width for the illuminated light.