Polarizing Plates [for HLDL3 Series]

Polarizing plate for HLDL3 series bar type lighting.
It is possible to remove the surface reflection of the work by using it together with a polarizing filter.
-VE: Polarization direction is perpendicular to the long side of the polarizing plate.
-HO: The polarization direction is horizontal with respect to the long side of the polarizing plate.

* Not available for infrared models.




  • * Remove the diffuser before installing the polarizing plate. If you want to use both a polarizer and diffuser, please contact your local sales representative for a custom order.
  • * Polarizing plate has a front and backside. Install the plate that has film side facing the inspected object.
  • * The polarizing plate has a seam in the film. Please refer to the Dimensions drawing for more information.
  • * The attachment of the film to the resin plate may be affected by changes in the environment, but this does not impact the function or performance.
  • * Not available for infrared models.
  • * Heat may cause deformation or discoloring depending on the use environment. If this occurs, you may not be able to get the intended results. Please perform periodic inspections.