TH Series

Not available from "May/31/2018."
The recommended alternative series is TH2 Series.

These Light Units were evolved from the LDL-TP Series to achieve high power output that was unprecedented for the Flat Lights. Abundant size variations and space-saving installation will also help your system design. The LED colors are red, white, and blue.


Rich variety of sizes with 11 types

Rich variety of sizes

The lineup consists of 33 models, with 11 sizes of emitting surfaces from 27 x 27 mm to 211 x 200 mm in each color.

Install freely to match your environment

Uses installation method by frame structure. Tapped holes for installation are included not only on the unit side but also on the bottom.

Flat Lights with high output

This is a Flat Light with surface-mounted LEDs mounted densely.It illuminates diffused light evenly at high output.

Achieved significantly higher output than the conventional product

※The data included is for reference only and does not guarantee the quality of this product.

Example configuration

Achieved high output with a flat shape. Light from the LEDs is transmitted through the diffusion panel and illuminated on the rear of the workpiece.