OPPD-15 Series

"Not available from ""Dec/31/2024"".

[Not available in Japan]
Ultra-compact controller


Compact, industry’s smallest class size!

Thanks to high-density mounting technology and an optimuml heat dissipation design. Devices are compact and palm-sized at only W48 × H72 × D30 mm.

Easily visible digital display with 1,000 intensity steps!

The OPPD Series features an easily visible digital display with 1,000 intensity steps. Pushing the intensity control dial to select the digit to adjust. This makes it possible to configure up to 1,000 steps quickly. In addition, operation can be locked by pressing and holding the push button.

Save light intensity values to internal memory

By storing the intensity value in the built-in EEPROM, the value will be retained even if the power is turned OFF. When the line stops, the intensity value will not be lost even if the main equipment power is turned OFF to save energy.

No changes in brightness thanks to full synchronization between illumination control input and PWM

Even with fast shutter speeds, illumination is synchronized when using external input lighting, eliminating variations in brightness.

External control lighting mode

The polarity of external lighting control can be switched between “Lighting ON at input” and “Lighting OFF at input.” Even when the external input is ON, the output switch can be used to turn the lighting ON and OFF.

When external input (24 V) is ON, high-speed operation at 18.5 μs is possible. Response times with external input ON and external input OFF are different.
External input (at 24 V) response time until ON: 18.5 μs, until OFF: 65 μs

Required 24 VDC power supply capacity

Based on the power consumption of the lighting to be connected, select a 24 VDC power supply that offers more than the required capacity.
*Max. power consumption of connectable LED lighting: 15 W

Connection to external device (illumination control)

With NPN open collector output device

With PNP open collector output device