PFB3 Series

Not available from "Dec/31/2021".
The recommended alternative series is PFB3(A) Series.

Provides light output that exceeds that of a 100 W halogen light source.

Advantages of replacing halogen light sources are:
1. Power consumption of 15 W greatly reduces running costs.
2. Long lifetime of 25,000 hours* to greatly reduce maintenance man-hours.
3. The compact design saves space.
4. Ambient temperatures around equipment are greatly reduced by the use of LEDs.
* Lifetime depends on application environment.

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Compact size that can be installed anywhere

70 mm wide, 150 mm deep, and 100 mm tall, this compact design helps save space.

Select a power supply to match your actual environment

The terminal block on the unit rear supports 24 VDC input. With an optional AC adapter, it can also support 100 to 240 VAC input. You can make a selection to match your actual environment.

Supports major light guide manufacturers

Supports major light guide manufacturers
(5 Japanese companies, 6 international companies).

Light guide adapter dimensions chart (mm)

Selectable external control

The lineup includes a model where intensity can only be manually adjusted, and models that allow for external control. There are three types of external control: serial, parallel, and analog. ON/OFF control and intensity control are available for each control type.

Light guide

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